Professional Powder Coating

Contact us today if you have a line of products that need powder coating in Central Florida!
We are a family-owned and operated powder coating business located in Ocala, FL; the heart of Central Florida!

Our Vision is to attract and develop long-term customer relationships in a multitude of industries while focusing on the requirements and specifications of their powder coating needs. Our facility is capable of providing a high-quality powder coated product through the use of our 800-foot powder coating line, which is equipped with a chemical wash system, sandblasting capabilities, GEMA Guns and an enormous oven that reaches 425 degrees. The possibilities are endless! Building and developing our powder coating infrastructure is an on-going priority to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

We provide a powder coating finish to your products that will exceed the demand for mid to large production-scale manufacturing.

Production-Scale Powder Coating

Admiral Powder Coating is a family-owned and operated powder coating business in Ocala, FL.